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The CCSA network is a perfect way to reach many communities in their local setting to provide them with information or training on community and health issues, adult education or specialist business services.

  • Access local networks and local communication channels
  • Create an awareness to Rural, Regional & Remote NSW Communities & people that you and your business or personnel -do- understand the challenges they have and that they are not forgotten
  • Build your business or program awareness level through the Centres reaching out to their Communities
  • Deliver services to communities in regional and rural NSW in a cost-effective way
  • Find a venue with skilled staff, training rooms, and access to technology to assist in Delivery of your programs
  • Skill training
    • Community or economic development
    • Community education
    • Community support networks

How do these centres help people?

In providing access to Centres it enables them to provide for people to communicate and offer support to those unable to otherwise access these networks. Many people in Rural, Regional & Remote areas – don’t know where to go to if they have a problem.

With the restrictive number of Grants available to support the Centres thus also supporting the Communities, there is a rising prevalence of certain health and well-being issues with-in these communities – some are:

  • Loneliness – especially in the older people
  • Increasing Suicide rates – in the younger people and adult males
  • Drug addiction and associated problems
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Family Violence

Access to local networks and local communication channels can help support members of encountering these channels can help support members of encountering these challenges in these communities.


Funding to help support our communities has been steadily declining. Currently we are recieving the Lowest amount of financial & critical services support from state and federal governments. Unlike Metropolitan cities where funding is significantly greater per capita. The Association’s aim is to work on developing new paths of support both financially & service support to the Centres who in turn can support their local Communities.

Find a CCSA Centre near you.

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